Key Learning Areas

Primary learning includes whole-class, group and individual activities designed to develop an inquiring mind and teach basic learning skills fostering a passion as life-long learners. Literacy and numeracy are the foundation of learning, therefore English and Mathematics are allocated half of students' learning time in primary school.

Chillingham Public School offers a dynamic range of programs across all Key Learning Areas. Small groups (generally 10-15 students) enable the specialty teachers to offer stimulating learning activities, developing each student's individual talents.

NSW primary schools follow a curriculum based on stages of learning. Each stage is approximately equivalent to two school years. For each learning stage there are skills, knowledge and a level of understanding that each student is developing at their own individual pace. These learning experiences are just like all skills the student has acquired thus far, walking, talking, every child is unique in their development.

Early Stage 1 refers to Kindergarten

Stage 1 includes Years 1 and 2

Stage 2 includes Years 3 and 4

Stage 3 includes Years 5 and 6

Everything curriculum is available here.

At a glance....


The core aspects of English are complimented by specialised programs in Public Speaking; Daily Peer Reading Program; strong Home Reading Program and a Learning Support Program. All class teachers have extensive experience in English. Strategic staffing enables specialised learning experiences for each individual stage.

Public Speaking success!

Congratulations Mihaiela.
Mrs Dean and the whole school were delighted last year with Mihaiela winning the District Public Speaking competition. A great achievement in a strongly competitive field.

Peer Reading (Buddy Reading) is enjoyed by all students, with equally as many benefits for the 'tutors' as the young students. Research supports this program as 'Best Practice' in the acquisition of reading skills. Home Reading is encouraged daily, complimenting the Peer Reading Program. Repeat reading of text on a daily basis significantly improves reading for developing readers.

The Learning Support Program is flexible, ensuring that any student can access assistance if it becomes necessary along their educational journey.


Small groups engage in interactive, comprehensive programs. Throughout the year, our students also participate in extra-curricula activities, such as The Maths Olympiad offered by Wollumin High School. Our staff loves Maths!


Programs in other Key Learning Areas are outlined on the respective pages (see menu).